AQU Reward Task (Limited-time)

Aquarius Token

General Information:

Aquarius is a token issued by UPLibra. Aquarius will be a part of our Libra exchange. Holding Aquarius can allow users to offset transaction fees and gain bonuses from the exchange

Aquarius will adopt the “low turnover rate and deflation” model to ensure the maximum value of our tokens. In the future, we will control the circulation of tokens to 21 million through continuous repurchase and destruction mechanisms.

Full name: Aquarius Token
Symbol: AQU
Standard: ERC20
Total supply: 200,000,000 AQU
Decimals: 18
Contract: 0x066d144ec701a79a1b9a9abbdde5411b02f55103
Branch Logo: To be determined
Private Placement: 10%, the price is not public.
Global Community (Plan Aquarius): 15%, 30,000,000 AQU

More information will be disclosed in detail in the white paper.

Special statement:
At the request of the internal shareholder meeting, we disclose information about the Aquarius Token. Currently, we do not have any plans for ICO/IEO, so all AQU will not be sold to the public in any form.

The above information was first disclosed by UPLibra on 2019-10-03. For more information, please pay attention to our comming white paper in Q4.