AQU Reward Task (Limited-time)

8062 Qualified Returned User

Date of expiry 2019-09-17 00:00:00 GMT
Compensation 50,000 Libra

Our activity of Return Reward has been finished! Congratulation to 8062 returned users who claimed that each of you can get 6.202 Libra.
The rewards will be credited into your account automatically at 2019-09-20 6:00 am GMT.

Return Reward Instruction

Due to the login system error few days ago, our team decide to give out totally 50,000 libra return reward for who will return to their account as compensation. The user who claim the reward will divide 50,000 libra equally.

Who is eligible to claim return reward?

The user who have confirmed their email in system and have more than 0 libra balance in their account before is eligible to get return reward.

How to claim your return reward?

When you get back your account (for how to get back account,please check here), you will find a link of your account, just click and you will be redirected to return reward page.
All you need to do next is click the button to get qualified, all returned user who claimed during working time will be recorded by system and divide 50k libra equally and balance will be shown on each’s account after 0:00 GMT 9.17th.

How long will this activity lasts?

You can claim your return reward anytime from 0:00am(GMT), 10th, Sep 2019-0:00am(GMT), 17th, Sep, 2019

Thank you for all who always supporting and loving UPLibra! We will spare no effort to supply you better experience and do our best to be the best Libra community and trading platform in the future!

Let’s be together! For the UPLibra!