Recover Facebook account & Return Reward

Dear user! We have removed Facebook login and fixed login and registration issue.

Now you can use your confirmed email to recover your password, and then login to your account again by clicking here:

Step 1

Please go to and then click “Forget Password”, type the confirmed email ( You had ever received confirmation link before and finished confirmation, may not be your Facebook registered email).

Please double check if you type the right one and then click “Request”

Step 2

Go to your email and recover your password. Please remember this new password. Use your email and new password to login to your account.

Your account and balance is always there and you will not lose any libra, and the referral link, system work very well as before, so please don’t worry

Ps: The email you use to recover password must be the same email you used to receive our confirmation link before from system, and this email should be confirmed already. So it may not be the same as your Facebook registered email. if you didn’t confirmed any email before, it means you have no libra in account and you can not get password back.

Thank you for all who always supporting and loving UPLibra, We will spare no effort to supply you better experience and do our best to be the best Libra community and trading platform in the future!

Limited Return Rewards

Really apologize for the inconvenience, so our team decide to give out 50,000 libra for returned user as compensation.

If you have recovered your facebook account, don’t forget to claim our return bonus.